One Child. A Collaborative Community. A World of Difference.

The Diener School is a one-of-a-kind school, grounded in providing a high quality education that considers the whole child. We see each child as an individual, with a sense of humor, playfulness, creativity and an underlying desire for success. The Diener School is innovative and uses evidence based practices to address learning needs and improve social skills. We integrate curriculums that support the development of readiness to participate and work with students to give them individualized tools to improve their confidence and self-esteem—and to bring out their best selves! At Diener, energetic, committed professionals creatively engage students to impact not only the amount of information learned—but how a student learns. Academic instruction is provided in very small groups of up to 3 or 4 students, and the Diener experience is individualized to meet each child’s needs.

Our speech-language pathologist and occupational therapists are important members of our team and support every student. Diener understands that social interventions are important for a child to interact smoothly within the environment. Movement and multi-sensory presentation of information are infused into the curriculum, and have an astonishing impact on self-regulation and attention to task. Therapeutic interventions are a natural part of the school day, and our focus on academics, sensory integration, flexible behaviors and social cognition in a warm, nurturing and academically challenging environment help our students develop and thrive.

The results are astounding. Our students feel successful, make good friends—sometimes for the first time in their young lives! For our alumni students, many of these friendships last beyond the walls and the time spent at Diener. Diener students are excited to come to school and participate in hands on, experiential learning. Students feel safe, comfortable, open to express themselves and explore new ways of learning. Negative reactions to school, an outgrowth of past frustrations, are re-shaped. The Diener School is a joyful place!

At The Diener School, one of our core philosophies is “Every student. Every day.” We invite you to come and visit The Diener School and see why our students tell us, “Our teachers are better than chocolate!”


Dr. Noreen Buchanan

Head of School