Academic Approach

An integrated multi-sensory approach guides instruction at The Diener School. Language arts, math, social studies and science are core subjects. Interventions by Design and Phonographix form the basis of the reading program to build comprehension and decoding skills. Read Naturally may be plugged in for students several times a week as needed. Framing Your Thoughts and Step up to Writing guides the written language process (grammar and sentence structure) while Handwriting Without Tears supports the skill of forming letters on paper. Calvert Math is the basis for mathematics and the Saxon Math program is brought in for additional math life skills. Vocabulary and major concepts are integrated throughout science and social studies curricula; thematic units help students derive meaning and purpose while exploring content. At Diener, our students are broken into small groupings for language arts and math based on skill set not age, allowing for intensive remediation in areas of challenge or enrichment in areas of strength. These groupings are fluid based on formal and informal assessments throughout the year to make sure we are closely meeting the needs of every student.