Multi-Sensory Education | K-8th | North Bethesda, MD
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Art & Movement


The Diener School values art education and its benefit on student learning.

All students participate in weekly art classes that address the development of fine motor and visual-motor skills. Projects are presented using step by step directions and visual demonstrations. Our students find so much joy in sharing their creativity and feeling a sense of accomplishment as they complete their masterpiece.


The connection between movement and learning is
a key component of The Diener School philosophy.

Diener students are able to sustain attention when instruction is coupled with purposeful and frequent movement. A full-time Fitness Instructor assists in implementing this important cornerstone of our program while also teaching our students sports skills and the importance of good sportsmanship. In addition, our students participate in a weekly Yoga class focusing on mindfulness and building one’s self-confidence.

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