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Building a Culture of Community

The Diener School is a non-profit special education school dedicated to providing a holistic and individualized learning environment for our students. Like many other independent schools, we rely on both tuition and supplemental support from our community to grow and thrive. For almost two decades, we have been honored to partner with so many individuals who have been motivated to help us sustain, grow, and truly champion our core values.

Recognizing the enormous opportunity and challenge facing The Diener School this year, we will dedicate all 2023-24 Annual Fund revenues, above the minimum needed to balance the FY24 budget, to Building Our Future, the Campaign for The Diener School. We are asking our community for one generous gift this year that will be allocated to the Campaign. Your generosity will help fund ongoing Diener operations and help us secure Diener's new school home for our current students and into the future.

Please join us on our important journey to build a permanent, state of the art school for the children we are privileged to serve and support the ongoing operation of The Diener School now and into the future.

Building Our Future, the Campaign for The Diener School

Capital Campaign

501(C)3 Organization

The Diener School is a 501(C)3 organization and all gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Tax ID No. 20-8539999

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