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Middle School Program

Academic Curriculum


Academic Program

The Diener Difference supports our Middle School student's academic, social, emotional, leadership, and community service learning and growth. Through large and small group instruction, hands-on, multi-sensory learning, we support and educate the whole child.

Language Arts


We will continue to offer small group instruction for all students, grouping them based on their academic level.

Reading remediation will continue to be available for those students that benefit from a specialized approach including:

  • Orton-Gillingham based Phonics Programs – improves decoding skills
  • Phono-Graphix – a research-based system designed to teach reading and spelling
  • Read A-Z – improves comprehension and vocabulary through fluency development
  • New: Into Literature*- this program is offered in both print and digital form.
    • Develop engaged readers and critical thinkers
    • Shape student's writing techniques
    • Peer-to-peer collaboration

*HMH Into Literature™ was built to address the needs of today's teachers and equip students with the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills required for success in tomorrow's world, develop a culture of self-actualized learning and support every learner in building the foundation of engaged citizenship.

Diener School Middle School children learning Language Arts in classroom



We will continue to offer small group instruction for all students, grouping them based on their academic level.

  • Math in Focus — curricula will expand to serve middle school students.
  • Outcomes: 
    • Build conceptual understanding
    • Develop critical-thinking skills
    • Advance problem-solving proficiency
    • Build a positive attitude
    • Data that informs instruction
The Diener School Middle School Math Program Student working on Smart Board



At the Middle School level, 11 topical modules covering Life, Earth and Space, Physical Science, and Engineering will be explored through virtual and hands-on labs.

  • Science Fusion Program — curricula will expand to serve middle school students.
  • Outcomes: 
    • Inspire investigative, scientific thinking
    • Build STEM and 21st-century skills
    • Advance non-fiction and science literary skills
    • Use multi-module tools to elevate learning for all
    • Seamlessly deliver high-impact science lessons
The Diener School Students in Science Lab

Social Studies


Our Social Studies Discovery Program will challenge students to think critically and make deeper connections.

  • Social Studies Discovery Program — includes the following concepts:
    • United States History
    • World Civilization
    • Civics
    • World Geography
    • Current Events
The Diener School Potomac Maryland Social Studies Discovery Program Model Castle



Our Step Up to Writing Program is a writing strategy approach across grade levels, content areas, and gives all students the benefit of a unique, differentiated, multi-sensory program.

  • Step Up to Writing Program — designed to help students improve:
    • Reading and listening comprehension
    • Expanding vocabulary
    • Mastering sentence writing and learning to write effective paragraphs
    • Public speaking skills
    • Organized, clear, and coherent essays
    • Specific text types: informative/explanatory, opinion/argument, and narrative writing
The Diener School Step-Up-To Writing T-Chart
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