The Diener Difference


Educating the Whole Child

The Diener Difference integrates all the components of a holistic learning environment to create a strong curriculum for academic, social and emotional growth. This allows for meaningful integration of the Diener Schools cornerstones and enables our students’ self-esteem to soar.

Multi-sensory Instruction

All children learn differently! We provide a creative, hands-on experience for our students using auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles.

Individualized Learning

Each student is recognized as an individual who brings with him/her strengths and challenges that are unique. Diener recognizes this individuality when addressing learning needs and creating customized growth opportunities.

Connection Between Movement and Learning

We strongly believe in the connection between movement and learning and feel our students learn best by active participation. Students greatly benefit from daily movement breaks, self-regulatory programs, and individualized sensory diets.

Collaboration Amongst Professionals

The collaboration amongst teachers, therapists, parents and outside professionals is what makes Diener a school like no other. Our push-in therapeutic model allows for purposeful interventions and accommodations to be infused in each class throughout the day.

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