Reopening Guiding Principles

Diener has defined the following four guiding principles that will help inform our decisions as we remain In-Person on campus. These principles speak to our Mission and Vision.

1. Safety

Diener’s highest priority is the health and well-being of our community. We believe that a healthy environment is ultimately a secure environment, one in which students, teachers and staff can thrive. We also believe that we have an obligation to support the health of the broader community – from our own Diener families to those around our state. The CDC list of vulnerable populations and persons at risk can be found here. At all times, we will seek to align our measures with guidance from MSDE, the State and County Departments of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our intended standard of care is to go above and beyond what is mandated to ensure the safest possible environment.

2. On-Campus Instruction

With the safety principle in mind, Diener recognizes that the optimal learning environment for children is one in which they are learning in person from their teachers and fellow students. We also recognize the value of the unique role our campus plays in the education of our students. To the best of our ability, and in accordance with official health guidelines, we will seek to provide on-campus instruction as possible for all students every day. 

3. Academic Coherence and Excellence

Diener believes in the pursuit of academic excellence in any context and that a continuous educational experience is vitally important to achieve this end. While health circumstances may necessitate certain changes or restrictions to student life, our ultimate goal is to continue to support our students’ learning and development as seamlessly as possible.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability

Diener recognizes that any policies we design in response to external health conditions must be flexible and able to change at a moment’s notice due to circumstances beyond our control. Our overarching goal is to create continuous learning structures that are durable enough to adapt to possible future COVID restrictions, while still allowing us to maintain as much on-campus instruction as possible.

While Covid-19 is no simple matter, we are committed to providing clear and consistent communication to keep the members of our community informed. This is an effort that merits our time, energy, and best thinking, and we are grateful to the many individuals who are helping Diener to move forward. We believe that thoughtful preparation, expert guidance, and the support of our community are the keys to mitigating the health risks presented by COVID-19 and once again offering Diener’s students the benefits of being together at school.

Please review our Health & Safety Reopening Plan

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