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The Diener School COVID-19 Response

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in late 2019 and its global spread through early 2020 forced Diener, like other schools around the world, to re-evaluate nearly every aspect of its educational practices. Across our school community, teachers, staff, parents, and students have demonstrated extraordinary resilience in adapting to new and often challenging conditions.

The Diener School COVID Task Force

In May, we established a COVID Task Force to address the unique challenges that COVID-19 presented to Diener. Our Task Force is comprised of Board members, Diener administration, and our delegated registered nurse. We have been diligently working together to assess, evaluate, and plan for a successful re-opening.

State and County Regulations

We recognize that State and County regulations, as well as guidelines from the CDC and from our national and regional independent school associations, will ultimately dictate our reopening plans. Please be reassured that our decision-making will always be driven by the safety and health of all school community members including students, staff, and families.

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